L - Bo Bend Resort and Custom Embroidery


1. How big can I make my design?

A - That depends on if you are putting it on a hat, shirt, or jacket.

B - All sizes are listed on the designing page.

2. What colors look best?

A - We offer approximately 350 colors to choose from,
you can choose any color for your design.

3 - Do you charge extra for each color in the design?

A - There is no extra charge for different colors.

4 - Will you tell me if the colors I choose will show up well?

A - Yes, we provide this service to our customers.
We will assist with picking colors if you prefer.

5 - Is there a set-up fee?

A - We have no set-up fees. The only additional fee would be if we were
to digitize your custom logo/design or lettering.

6 - What is digitizing?

A - Digitizing is a process of changing a flat picture you
provided to us and making it into a sew-able design.
It can only be done by digitizing that picture.

7 - Can you digitize any picture?

A - Yes, as long as it is not a registered to someone else, like Disney, etc. We
do not embroider vulgar language, children’s names or any companies
registered logo’s (Unless we have been given permission).
We work with the Shawn Hornbeck Foundation
on protecting our children.
Shawn was taken from his parents several years ago,
with the grace of God he was found and is now living with his parents.
It is a very dangerous to put children’s names on garments and therefore
we would rather loose a sale then endanger a child’s welfare.
We believe in protecting our children.

8 - How do you charge for the embroidery?

A - We charge only by the stitch count.
0 - 6,000 stitches---------------------------- $6.00 USD
6,000 to 25,000 - $1.00 USD/per thousand stitches
25,001 & up ----- $0.50 USD/per thousand stitches

9 - Do you give discounts for multiple purchases?

A - Yes, If you purchase 12 items at a time, with the same design, you will pay for 11 and get the 12th one free. You can change the style of hat as long as the design will fit on all styles chosen.

B - Orders of 48 or more are subject to additional discounts. As long as the order has one style hat and one embroidered design.

10 - Do you digitize company logo’s?

A - Yes, if you are the owner of the logo, be it registered or not, let us know
and give us written permission to duplicate your logo and we can do it
for you at the stated amount above.
This must be in your handwriting and signed prior to digitizing.

11 - Do you digitize our custom lettering?

A - If they do not match our fonts then I will digitize your lettering for a
digitizing cost. It depends on the amount of work involved to digitize.

12 - Do I pay for the digitizing before it is done?

A - Yes, this fee is paid when the picture or lettering is sent to us.
There is a max. fee of $50.00 for digitizing.