L - Bo Bend Resort and Custom Embroidery


This information is here to teach you how to customize your design and get the most out of the area you have to embroider. If you have any questions, you can email them to us or check the FAQ’s section. Hopefully this will answer most of your questions.

1st - Pick the hat or denim shirt that you prefer.

2nd - Available room to work with on the front, back and sides of most hats.

FRONT - 2.5” tall x 5” wide
BACK   - 1.0” tall x 3” wide
SIDES  - 1.5” tall x 3” wide

This will cover most hats which we embroider. Please remember that the style of hat you choose will determine the amount of space you have to work with.

Shirts can be embroidered on the front or the back.
The size will be determined by the location which you choose.

3rd - Choose your design from our stock collection or send us your picture to be digitized. Digitizing is the process of taking a flat picture and turning it into a sew-able design. There is a maximum charge of $50.00 or less for this service depending on your custom design. Not all designs need to be digitized. If you want a special font on your embroidery then all the letters will have to be digitized.

4th - Choose your colors.  Make sure they contrast the material which is to be embroidered. We have approximately 350 colors of thread to choose from.

5th - Choose your layout of the design and text
(arched, straight, stair stepped, angled, etc.)

6th - Choose your font (the style of lettering) as per attached font page

7th - Choose the design to be sewn. Please remember the larger the design the more it will cost and the more room it takes up on the hat or shirt.
(Please refer to the sizes stated above.)

8th - Choose your location, (where do you want your design to be sewn).

9th - Then if you are satisfied with our design, and have all your questions answered we will give you a FREE quote by email. All embroidery projects will be priced by the stitch count.

Embroidery Pricing

0 to 6,000 stitches - $6.00 USD

6,000 to 25,000 - $1.00 per thousand stitches

All stitches above  25,001 - $.50 per thousand stitches

10th - Now you are ready to order.  At this time you can call
      your order in.  Soon there will be a form you can fill out
and fax in or e-mail your order to us.

Shipping Costs

We ship everything by USPS mail with delivery confirmation. We try to only charge what the United States Postal Service charges for mailings. Any special circumstances will require a shipping quotation. If in question, please ask prior to ordering.

1 hat - $3.00 USD

2 hats - $4.00 USD

3 hats - $5.00 USD

All orders above 3 hats and all shirt orders will be given a shipping quote. Orders of 48 hats or more will require special shipping pricing as well as embroidery pricing.

Orders, in most cases, are completed within 15 working days. If there are any back orders, I will email your shipping date from the factory to my office.